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    King Kulture: Stop The Traffic Lands At #9 On Billboard Gospel Chart

    We (Rapzilla.com) released our 2nd annual compilation project full of all original, never released, exclusive songs entitled King Kulture ‘Stop The Traffic’. A Christian organization based in New York City will benefit from proceeds so that they can continue their fight against human trafficking. We are thrilled to report that this project has landed at #9 on Billboards Christian & ...
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    How You Can Help with the Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts in NY

    By now we've all seen the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy across the east coast of the United States, particularly in the New York/New Jersey area. And like many people, especially those of us impacted and fueled by the love of Christ, you've looked at the people displaced from their homes without food, water or power ...
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    The Christian Post Covers Rapzilla And Christian Hip Hop

    The Christian Post (christianpost.com) is one of the nation’s most comprehensive Christian news website and was launched in July 2000 with the vision of delivering up-to-date news, information, and commentaries relevant to Christians across denominational lines. CP currently see’s approximately 7.8 million unique visitors per month. CP reached out to us to highlight Rapzilla.com and our efforts along with what ...
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    A Record Broken: 2 Million Visits In 1 Year

    We're extremely grateful and humbled by God's use of an undeserving group of people to promote other groups of undeserving people's music to further spread His gospel. Our staff and traffic at Rapzilla in 2011 has doubled that of 2010. Our efforts and
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    Braille announces 7th album ‘Native Lungs’

    Check out the video below for a full update directly from Braille about his 7th record “Native Lungs”. The new record is expected to drop in August of 2011. Humble Beast will be documenting the whole session and putting together a short documentary of the recording process. Braille has been covering the expenses to create ...
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    LEVEL 3:16 – New Group from CMR/Impact Movement Partnership

    Cross Movement Records (CMR) announces it has formed a strategic partnership with non-profit organization The Impact Movement. The first offering is a release of the debut album from new group, Level 3:16. The self-titled project drops December 28, 2010, occuring the week of The Impact Movement’s national conference in Atlanta. Thousands of high school, college students, alumni ...
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    New Lecrae Song for Haiti

    Update: the live stream is ready to go watch it directly at http://www.rapzilla.com, begins at 8PM CST

    Chart topping hip hop artist Lecrae recorded a new single "Far Away" to benefit relief efforts in Haiti. He will be premiering and performing the song live for the first time at Hip Hop for ...
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    In the Press: Cash Hollistah hip-hops for a higher calling

    Hollistah, whose real name is James Curtis, is a Salina native who has spent the last several years building a music career by mixing the beat of street-smart urban rap with spiritually uplifting Christian rock. He has released one CD, "So Far," and is in the process of completing a new CD, "Got Cash." Now he's hoping to get cash ...
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    DJ Maj Speckled Goats II compilation

    After releasing 4 albums distributed nationally though the EMI music distribution system, Dj Maj has taken time to give support to another area greatly in need.  The DJ Maj Speckled Goats II compilation the result of a relationship formed to raise awareness and support for the efforts of global relief organization - World Vision.
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    Support Sivion

    We don't usually post news like this but this is exceptional. This is from Sivion's myspace blog: "Just so you know, on Valentine's Day, I was in a horrible car accident and flipped my car into an overpass."