We don’t usually post news like this but this is exceptional. This is from Sivion’s myspace blog: “Just so you know, on Valentine’s Day, I was in a horrible car accident and flipped my car into an overpass.”


Sivon’s vehicle after the wreck

“Of course the car was totalled and I was rushed to Parkland Hospital in Dallas for emergency treatment. After a bunch of tests they realized that I had internal bleeding and had to do exploratory surgery on my abdomen. After patching up my spleen, I stayed in ICU for a few days and finally got to go home that Sunday.

Now I’m at home recovering and dealing with medical bills, lost wages from work, and the whole nine. Those of you who care enough to do so, please keep me and my family (wife and 2 kids) in prayer. God has done some amazing things through this situation and I know that his glory will be shown even more as the days, months, and years pass from this time.”

Winona Drive and Sivion go back a ways, and in efforts to help a good friend out, Winona Drive has posted a remix to his single ‘Father Time’ on their Myspace site. They are also selling the download for $1.00 with 100% of the proceeds going directly to Sivion and his family. All anyone needs to do is deposit $1.00 into the winonadriveproductions@gmail.com paypal account, and Winona Drive will forward the mp3 of the Father Time remix back to the e-mail address of the donation giver. Winona Drive will cut a check for Sivion every two weeks. Please support! www.myspace.com/winonadrive

You can donate directly to Sivion here: