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How You Can Help with the Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts in NY

How You Can Help with the Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts in NY

By now we’ve all seen the devastation left by Hurricane Sandy across the east coast of the United States, particularly in the New York/New Jersey area. And like many people, especially those of us impacted and fueled by the love of Christ, you’ve looked at the people displaced from their homes without food, water or power and thought to yourself “What can I do to help?!”

One of Rapzilla’s Urban Leadership Collective contributors and pastor Rich Perez, pastor of Christ Crucified Fellowship, is right in the thick of the relief efforts and is already active in hosting as many as 600 NY evacuees. These people have lost everything in the storm and Perez and his team of volunteers are tasked with the beautiful opportunity to love, feed and clothe these people as they endure terrible losses from the storm.

There are 4 main ways you can help:

1. You can send care packages. Obvious needs are water, non perishable food items and warm clothes. Also needed – diapers, toilet paper, deodorants, tampons/maxi pads (sorry fellas but the need is real), soaps, etc. Also gift cards to Target are acceptable.

All care packages can be sent to:

Christ Crucified Fellowship

c/o Pastor Rich Perez

651 Academy St

NY, NY 10034

2. Give monetarily online. Just go to ChristCrucifiedNYC.org and click the “Donate” button and donate via Paypal. Tag your donation with “Relief Fund” and the funds will be used to purchase food and supplies for the evacuees.

3. Volunteer. Live in the NYC area? It takes a LOT of man power to serve that many people. So if you live in the area or want to come in from out of town to help serve people, we encourage you to do it. Our own staff member Steve Patton is taking the trip from over 3 hours away to come help serve.

4. Pray. That goes without saying but our efforts go infinitely further when God is fueling them. Not to mention that people are suffering tremendous loss. Some lost all of their physical possessions. Some lost loved ones. All need the comfort of the Father. Let’s pray for them.

Scripture tells us that if we have the ability to help our brothers & sisters, we have the duty – the joyful Christ honoring duty – to do it. So let us love our family in NYC and let’s serve them. Let’s partner with our fellow laborer in the Lord, Pastor Rich Perez and the Christ Crucified Fellowship family, and let’s be the hands and feet of God and serve the people of NYC in this great time of need.


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