Submission Instructions:

To submit, email us your song to with the mp3 attached and a YouTube link included.

  • Selected submissions will be grouped together into a “Hot or Not” post where our visitors will vote on the best song in the post. Winners from each post for the month will be highlighted in an article and added to our New Christian Rap Daily playlist and 1 monthly winner will be selected by Rapzilla staff to have their song added to The Rapzilla Playlist (35k+ on Spotify).

Submission Guidelines:

  • Email Subject should be SONG or VIDEO: Your Artist NameYour Song Title.
  • Let us know what the email is for, who it’s from, and the name of the song.
  • Within the email, please introduce yourself and provide us with information about the song.
  • Send a high quality artist photo and cover artwork of at least 1000 x 1000px.
  • Include your social media links for proper tagging.
  • If you submit a music video and would like us to consider for uploading, send with a link to download the HD video file and grant us permission to upload and monetize by copying the following message into your email. – I give permission to upload and monetize my music video for “Your Song Title” to their YouTube channel and post on their website.
  • If one or more of these is not completed upon submission, it may result in your content not being posted.

*We are unable to upload submissions that contain copyrighted instrumentals (ie: remixes). If your submitted content contains a beat that you don’t own or have permission to use we will have to decline your submission

Critique Fridays Live Song Review:

Every week you can submit your music to be reviewed live on our Critique Fridays show and have a chance to win prizes and get playlisted on our big playlists. To submit and get reviewed, send your song MP3 to and read the reply email for more instructions.

For advertisement opportunities with budgets higher than $1,000. Contact: For any other ad concerns, questions, or inquiries email

*Note: You will be offered advertising opportunities once you are posted on the site. We do not accept payment to post.

We receive hundreds of submissions a week, so please do not contact us asking if we’ve received your submission. We cannot spend time responding to submissions that are not going to be posted on the site.

If you do not send us your album or submit music/content to us, please don’t expect us to cover you. We do our fair share of investigative journalism however this is not our source of income to support our families. We have limited time to put into Rapzilla, so please make it easy for us to cover you. Be thorough. Please note that we do not post albums nor do we do album reviews that are sent in.

Alternatively, do not hold the misconception that we have a duty to post your material because you are a Christian and we are Christians. Also, just because you were posted on another Christian Hip Hop website does not mean you are entitled to be posted on Rapzilla. Submit us quality content that promotes Christ and we’ll probably post it.

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