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LEVEL 3:16 – New Group from CMR/Impact Movement Partnership

Cross Movement Records (CMR) announces it has formed a strategic partnership with non-profit organization The Impact Movement. The first offering is a release of the debut album from new group, Level 3:16. The self-titled project drops December 28, 2010, occuring the week of The Impact Movement’s national conference in Atlanta. Thousands of high school, college students, alumni and church leaders of African-descent will meet for five days, to be challenged and equipped to make an eternal difference on their campuses, communities and the world for God. In conjunction with Level 3:16’s album, Cross Movement Records’ new media arm, Issachar Media, is also filming and releasing a docu-reality TV show that centers around the music group’s efforts.

Offering an eclectic fusion of Hip Hop, R&B and urban gospel, Level 3:16 is comprised of two male emcees, three female vocalists and one female DJ. Skillfully combining melodic Hip Hop and hard-hitting beats with the musicality and 3-part harmonies of R&B, topped off with classic lyricism, a strong vocal blend and spoken word, the versatility of the band is inspiring and impressive. However, what may make Level 3:16 most unique is their approach as music missionaries.

Rasool Berry, Director of Impact Music stated, “Level 3:16 is a refreshing group for us to work with because they were literally brought together by The Impact Movement for ministry. Assembled during The Impact Movement’s annual summer music mission held at Keynote, which is the music ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, Level 3:16 has at its heart the Great Commission. We believe they will expand people’s horizons of music and ministry by demonstrating what Impact Music refers to as ‘musicianaries’ – musicians who are missionaries using music to reach people God’s love. That starting point is a significant part of what makes this partnership truly special.”

John Wells, President/CEO of CMR, also expressed his excitement regarding the unique approach of Level 3:16, “Ah…so that’s what fresh air smells like! Take young minds newly out of the wrapper, untainted by the industry, and mix it with a sincere, committed, challenged, trained urban missionary mindset, and lastly, top it all off with incredible talent ranging from Hip-Hop, R&B and a spritz of Gospel. Basically, someone needs to pinch me because it feels like I am dreaming.”

The combined efforts of CMR and The Impact Movement promise to strengthen and enhance all parties involved. CMR will be looking to The Impact Movement for help in training the label’s roster of artists in terms of ministry, mindset, communication and evangelism, while The Impact Movement will be able to expand its ministry’s effectiveness and breadth as CMR helps spread word to a larger audience about one of Christianity’s best kept secrets.

Dr. Charles Gilmer, President/CEO of The Impact Movement, spoke of his high hopes regarding the relationship, “We are excited about the prospects of the partnership with Cross Movement Records expressed via Level 3:16. The opportunity to showcase these men and women’s giftedness, commitment and passion for the Lord promises to take the mission of Impact to a new ‘level.’ I expect them to ‘take the truth of Jesus Christ to the Campus, Community and World’ to a degree and in a way we have not seen before.”

John Wells further added, “In light of the shifts in our culture and the spiritual challenges that face the current generation, CMR is more than enthusiastic to partner with old friends who understand the shifts and who look to meet the challenges by simply remaining steadfast in the historic Christian faith. The Impact Movement is one of those friends. Impact’s focus in the areas of evangelism, ministry training and remaining vital and relevant to the present young mind are values that CMR has always looked to highlight and for which to provide a platform. We are overwhelmed with the possibility of co-laboring with one another, to the end that both organizations can better serve Christ.”

Another key element of this partnership is the docu-reality TV show that is in post production by CMR’s new media arm, Issachar Media. The groundbreaking show documents Level 3:16’s intensive music and ministry training at Impact, the recording of their debut album and the group’s summer outreach tour across the country. While giving a behind-the-scenes, candid depiction of life, which is much like most reality shows, this show provides a revitalizing twist by showing real examples of this youthful generation who are living out authentic Christian community in their own way as they respond to conflict, music and life together.

Amidst a growing curiosity of the public both online and at select tour dates, Level 3:16 is already leaving an impression by their coordinated efforts to demonstrate, both in music and missions, that God is worth the challenge and sacrifice it takes to aspire to the next level. Their debut album Level 3:16 will be available on Cross Movement Records and distributed by Provident-Integrity Distribution in the CBA market and by Sony Music in the general market.



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