After releasing 4 albums distributed nationally though the EMI music distribution system, Dj Maj has taken time to give support to another area greatly in need.  The DJ Maj Speckled Goats II compilation the result of a relationship formed to raise awareness and support for the efforts of global relief organization – World Vision.

ImageA common thread in all of this tragedy is a genre which has managed to make its way to the ears, bomes and hearts of multitudes all over the world. "In all of my travels from South Africa to Russian missions, I am surprised to see how the music I’ve always loved has impacted so many nations” says Maj.  "It made perfect sense to use it as a tool to bring support to human beings in need.  The roots of Hip Hop can be traced all the way back to the Gospel and the blues.  Both of which were birthed out of pain and struggle.  Hip Hop started out of some of these same emotions and managed to prosper from it. So it’s our responsibility to contribute since so much can be accomplished through this effort all at one time.  Global relief, impactful music and impactful concert events.”

Proceeds from the sales of each SGII record sold at each concert event will benefit World Vision’s global relief efforts.  The 21 track compilation encompasses the full spectrum of where urban music is today from R&B to Hip Hop to and all of its forms to funk to spoken word. 

Visit to download the sampler.