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10 UK Christian Hip-Hop Artists to Look Out for in 2018

Most of the Christian Hip-Hop you know and love originates out of the U.S. However, there is a growing scene of incredible artists across the pond in the UK. For those fans and for everyone else reading, we’ll be taking a look at 10 UK Christian Hip-Hop artists to look out for in 2018. This list is made up of artists who are already established and artists who are fresh to the scene. The opinions and views shown in this post are subject to the author and is not meant to undermine other artists.

10 UK Christian Hip-Hop Artists:

1. Still Shadey

Still Shady UK Christian Hip Hop

“Wherever there is shade, there is a light shining.”

Straight outta Croydon, South London, Still Shadey is an artist who is on a mission to radiate God’s light even in the darkest places. Despite being in the game for a few years, his music career had a turning point when he met God in December 2016. Through this new relationship, he finally understood his God-given gift and from that point, he kick-started a serious career in music.

Coming from the streets, his content inspires and encourages those that are still living the lifestyle he used to and this makes his art so educational. What makes Still Shadey such an exceptional artist is the way he infuses his passion and rawness with his charismatic skippy flow which may seem like two different extremes. Still Shadey has recently released his mixtape Light In Shade and has just released his first single of 2018, “Like An Eagle.” 

Still Shady Interview

How would you describe your music?

“My music is edifying entertainment. An attractive sound, with an important message. Three components: Substance, Energy, and Creativity. Influences [range] from Kanye, Drake, Kirk Franklin, old SchoolBoyQ, and Wretch 32. God at the center of it all.”

When did you decide to pursue music and why?

“My inner purpose has always been to make people listen, I’ve always been a talker. Music allowed me to express both. From rapping in the playground to my friends beatboxing in Year 7 (age 11), I never stopped. I loved poetry. I loved the art. Growing up, listening to Nas, taught me very early about substance. I wanted to tell my story and be heard. The highs and lows in my pursuit of a music career. I was around 15 when I really starting chasing the dream. After undergoing a series of tribulations in my area on the streets, I gradually slipped from my ambitions and took an easier, more unfortunate path for financial freedom. Fast forward a few years, at age 20, December 4th, 2017, I found Christ and my life was drastically changed. The desire and purpose behind my voice were realized, and a true and God-willed pursuit of music began. My music is to bridge the gap, to package the gospel in a way the lost can hear it, to show the gang culture there is a way out, and inspire a soul to find their true purpose.”

What should we be expecting from you in 2018 Still Shadey?

“A follow-up EP, which is yet to be announced, following my MixTape release of  The Light in Shade… so much content and consistency. If you know me, you know my work ethic doesn’t slow down. Different styles, different ideas, and the same message. It’s going to be a very fruitful 2018.”

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2. Jordy Mankoto

Jordy Mankoto UK Christian Hip Hop

Gospel drill, what’s that? Well if you’re not familiar with this subgenre of drill check out Jordy Maknoto.

He’s a 22-year-old rapper from west London. Jordy is a game changer in that he uses a very unanticipated approach to Drill (a genre that arguably glorifies gang violence) by utilizing it to spread the Gospel. You may be quite puzzled to hear such Godly lyrics on a drill beat. However, hearing his vision through his music has shown how powerful this could be. He had a great start to this year with the release of his EP Front Seat Visions.

Jordy Mankoto Interview

How would you describe your music?

“I would describe my music as distinctive and there’s no one out there, especially in gospel rap doing what I’m doing. FACTS! I believe that I still have a lot to show but from what I’ve released so far I’m definitely aiming to become one of the best if not the best.”

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in music and why?

“I wanted to pursue music from the age of 5 when my uncle gave me my first Yamaha keyboard. I grew up to Congolese music as I am fully Congolese. That culture has had a major impact on my music hence why there’s a lot of melodies. At first in my hood, we grew up watching guys rap in the street corners and because everybody back then was fascinated with the whole bloods and crips stuff. We would have red bandanas and think we were G-Unit and rap over American rap beats. But after my transition and giving my life to Christ at the age of 19, as life was changing, my music changed as well.”

What should we be expecting from you in 2018 Jordy?

“In 2018 you should expect more bangers. I’ve even left the studio and I’ve got some surprises coming and aiming to finally release my debut music video.”


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3. GhostLotus

Ghost Lotus UK Christian Hip Hop

GhostLotus is a 22-year-old rapper from Derby (City). An introduction to GhostLotus’ music is like a breath of fresh air. It’s distinctive and raw. His music is different from the average UK rapper. At times it felt that the same type of music and flow was being recycled but his music proves that wrong. His mellow flow makes you dive into his lyrics and resonate with his melodic beats. GhostLotus is raw in how he presents himself as an artist. This is evident in the emotions he expresses, the experiences he openly talks about and his unashamed faith in Christ. He released his mixtape Cityscape last year which you can download and listen to on his website.

GhostLotus Interview

How would you describe your music?

“I describe my music as personable. I speak about my flaws. I’m honest with who I am in the Lord and who I was before I properly followed the Lord. My music is natural because I don’t have a one-track mind, I don’t think I can be put in a box, at least I wouldn’t like to think I could. When writing or listening to music I really try to create something organic or heartfelt. I try to be present at the moment, you know?… try to make music that gives goosebumps and captivates a person’s attention or music that makes someone bop their head. I express myself in a variety of ways, tempos, and genres, all with the intention of glorifying the Lord.”

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in music and why?

“I started pursuing music properly at around 15/16 when I was fresh out of school. Needed something to focus on and express myself. I saw the path for me was with music. I always wanted to do music, I always wrote lyrics and listened to all kinds of genres but this was the time when I took it upon myself to try and make my impact in the world.”

What should we be expecting from you in 2018 GhostLotus?

“I’m working on making more music for the Lord to reach all kinds of people. Definitely look forward to different styles of music from me in 2018 and beyond. Also collaborations with a variety of artists in the UK and internationally. Definitely just trying to go full force for the Lord using music to glorify him.”

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4. In8te

In8te UK Christian Hip Hop

In8te is an 18-year-old Christian rapper born and raised in South London. Two words to describe in8te are: young and unashamed. Seeing an artist like in8te being sold out for Christ in his adolescence despite the pressures and worldly influences a typical 18-year-old would face is quite encouraging and commendable. By listening to his music you will realize it’s deeper than music. His zeal to spread the Gospel takes over the music and really puts God at the core of his music.

He is reminiscent of a young Trip Lee. He released his debut EP titled Hosanna under his family’s gospel label record “4tgoG” in November. His music has been played on various radio stations such as UCB and also has an interview with Premier Gospel Radio.

In8te Interview

How would you describe your music?

“I would describe my music as radical. I like Christian rap that is not afraid to speak the truth, that does not compromise in lyrical content. In terms of genre, my music varies. I am drawn to all types of music and my own music reflects this. But it is all founded on Scripture and contains biblical substance. I want those who choose to listen to my music to hear the truth and not just positive messages. My songs contain what the Lord teaches me and what his word says. This is why there is no compromising with my music. It is important to build up the body of Christ at all times and as a minister in training, I believe I have a duty to serve my God and serve the body of Christ with the skills He has given me.”

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in music and why?

“Music has always had a unique place in my life and in my family. My granddad was a musician and my dad, and uncle are musicians. I grew up watching them perform and practice, aspiring to be like them. I started playing piano at age 5, guitar at 8, bass guitar at 15, and drums at 16. In terms of rap, I started out just freestyling with friends from school and church. Over time, more and more people started to point out that they liked my flow and noticed how I was beginning to develop. It was around the age of 15 when I decided to actively pursue music and take my rap seriously. I was already serious for God at this time so I was only interested in getting involved in Christian music.”

What should we be expecting from you in 2018 in8te?

“2018 is going to be a big year. I am starting out the year by releasing some music videos for singles off my current EP Hosanna. Fans can expect more single releases and perhaps a new EP around summer time. We will have to see! I am going to be exploring new musical ideas, going even deeper with my lyrics, and of course, staying true to Christ.”

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Mickey Tezare
Mickey Tezare
Mickey is from London and currently doing missionary training. He enjoy's many aspects of the music business but aspires to be a producer and be involved in music management. Mickey also runs a Twitter account which he uses as a platform to discover and promote upcoming artists.


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