FEGS UK Christian Hip Hop

FEGS (For Ever God’s Son) is a rapper from Lewisham, South London, “It’s a bit of a rough area” he mentions. He is currently in his 2nd year of university studying Biomedicine.

It’s tough to put a name to the style of music he makes because he is such a versatile individual with a distinctive flow. This makes him a very interesting artist. The afrobeat twist to his raps is what made him stand out too and makes his music melodic. No projects have been released as of now but you can check out his singles which are all available on his SoundCloud.




Fegs Interview

How would you describe your music?

“I don’t know what to specifically call my style of music since it is quite diverse but my music reflects my character and I am a very random person.”

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in music and why?

“I’ve always been into music from a very young age. (At five years old) I was playing the drums at my dad’s church. I was also making songs as a child, however, I would never write them down and sometimes I would forget them within weeks. One day I attended a church service and I remember my pastor saying something like, ‘If God is blessing you with songs write it down’. That was around 2012, so after awhile, I began to write down the music. It wasn’t until about 2014 when the youth department at my church was putting on a show and one of my brothers called Edvin (Servant), who’s also a gospel artist, told me that we should perform. Initially, I wasn’t ready for it because I didn’t and still don’t really like spotlight and attention. He somehow managed to get me to perform and that night, it was a life-changing moment. I didn’t expect the crowd to be so welcoming. It was lit. Since then I’ve been working on my craft and really grinding.”

What should we be expecting from you in 2018 FEGS?

“Well, you can expect a couple music videos, new music, and potentially a show.”

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6. Feed’em

Feed'em UK Christian Hip Hop

Feed’em is a grime artist from West London. What he does is in his name – feeding us with that real fire music. Shortly after being saved, Feed’Em, born Tracy Lenga begun to rhyme about his newfound faith to his non-believing friends. It wasn’t until 2015 that Feed’Em started to pursue music as a career with the release of his debut mixtape You Can Know The Half where his music business degree came in handy as he independently toured in the UK live gig circuit. Notable songs such as “God Gets The Glory” was nominated at Jump Release Music Video Awards and “Nobody Knows” was the track of the week on Premier Christian Radio.

His unique blend of UK Grime and mainstream Hip-Hop keeps his flow unpredictable giving his listeners something different each time. Feed’Em is doing music full time working for a premier black British Gospel record label as well as managing his own brand, Feed’Em Music Group. They are responsible for #FMGUK and Feed’Em Session.

Feed’em Interview

How would you describe your music?

“Primarily grime, just based on the tempo and vibes that I’m feeling right now. If you hear my mixtape there’s a lot of Rap and Hip-Hop influences there too, but sonically I would say hard-hitting, lyrical, and catchy. I like storytelling and being transparent with my music.”

When did you decide to pursue music and why?

“I guess it was a childhood dream that grew as I became older. Growing up in West London it was either you’re a baller, a pretty boy, a top boy, or music was the way in it. I resonated with the music more as it kept me off the street most times and I was a genuine fan of the culture. I gave up on Grime as I thought it wasn’t what Christians did, but desiring to speak to my people in a voice we can relate with led me back into music with a renewed purpose to feed the people.”

What should fans expect from you in 2018?

“I’m in the process of recording my best materials to date. I got a few more visuals I want to put out leading to my debut EP release. It’s conceptual but not the type you have to follow through. Every track is unique – tackling issues around the good fight and what it takes to conquer ourselves. I’ve got a Summer Festival Tour with my team #FMGUK hitting up different Cities in the UK.”

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7. Cerose

Cerose UK Christian Hip Hop

For those who are familiar with secular UK rap when it was on the come up, you would have heard of Cerose, ex-convicted drug dealer, and underground “gangster rapper.” Now he has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and savior and is on a mission to share Jesus’ message and to point people to righteousness.

He has worked with the biggest artists in the UK such as Giggs and Ghetts and not to mention worldwide, with the likes of French Montana. To see that he is the same guy from his past and now a Christian, is quite shocking and shows how graceful God is. He released an EP titled Maranatha last September. 





Cerose Interview

How would you describe your music?

my music is biblically offensive, but it’s what people need to hear

“I use rap music to prophesy of Jesus’ return, wake up the sleeping church, point the lost souls to Christ, and to expose wickedness false prophets and false teachings.”

When did you decide to pursue music and why?

“I incorporated my feelings about life, as a young man while living in inner-city London by ‘chatting’, (a term used for rapping in a Jamaican dancehall style). When I was 16-years-old I spent six months in Jamaica sponsored by a local small time producer. Through my musical journey in Jamaica, I had the opportunity to develop as an artist and record at Arrows, King Jammy, and the world famous Tuff Gong. As I got older and evolved as an artist, so did music around the world. ‘Chatting’ now became ‘spitting bars’ (a street term for rapping). I spent many years in the UK music scene working with artists such as Giggs, Blade Brown, Ghetts etc. after flirting with the UK scene.”

What should we be expecting from you in 2018

“I have a hard hitting gospel joint EP with another artist, Reblah, titled The Cross vs the Switchblade. This is a great project with a variety of different musical styles from hard hip-hop to dancehall/Afrobeats to contemporary pop, there’s something for everyone on this. This EP will be released early in March this year.

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8. Marcus Young

Marcus Young UK Christian Hip Hop

Songwriter, producer, singer, and a rapper? Marcus Young is a creative artist that ticks all four boxes. The Aylesbury-based artist looks to use his musical gifts to honor the One who gave them by creating songs that are Christ-centred and themed in worship. His soulful and mellow vibes fused with powerful faith-centered lyrics is not the usual merge.

Marcus has recently released his debut album titled Pilgrim. This album is greatly inspired by the 17th-century allegory “The Pilgrim’s Progress.” He captures the fundamental storyline of the book and fuses that with his emotions and character, his experience of life, and his trials and successes as a Christian. This album also reminds of the deep intimacy that man and God can have which gave a refreshing perspective on God. Marcus desires to use his debut album to raise awareness and support for persecuted Christians, with 50% of the sales from ‘Pilgrim’ being donated to charities including The Voice of the Martyrs and OpenDoors. 

Marcus Young Interview

How would you describe your music?

“I would say that sonically my music is quite chilled, soulful, and rhythmic. Lyrics play a big part of my songs with storytelling and prayers with a central theme of worship throughout. I think my songs are quite conceptual.”

When did you decide to pursue music and why?

“I decided to pursue music around mid-2016 soon after I came back from a Christian mission trip to Ghana. I had been making Christian music on and off before this time with a friend and great producer called Mpumi, but something new was birthed in me in 2016. After spending time in prayer a few days before my return flight to England, I was assured I would spend around 12 months with a focus on making music for the Lord. This became my debut album ‘Pilgrim’. So in short, I believe my relationship with God and my love for music is the reason why I do what I do.”

What should we be expecting from you in 2018 Marcus Young?

“People can expect a few singles to be released throughout the year, some features and, good collaborations with other artists.”

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9. Ramzo

Ramzo UK Christian Hip Hop

Ramzo is a 22-year-old rapper from South East London. Ramzo’s music stands out for a few reasons. When you listen to his music you feel like you’re watching a drama series. Each song depicts a different stage in his life. Through this, we experience the emotions, thoughts, and the transformation he went through in his past –him going to prison and his journey to Christ which he speaks about.

This storytelling style of his makes Ramzo’s music very engaging and through his transparency, it also makes him relatable. His music expresses his heart and great anguish for the youth caught up in the gang life. Gangs and knife crime are currently a big issue in the UK. In one way or another, his message in every song is a message of hope for the youth. As an individual coming from that lifestyle, he desires to shed light on them and impact their lives.







Ramzo Interview

How would you describe your music?

“My music is real, relatable, and It’s something I hope people can feel. There are some songs that you’ll listen to when you’re sad that I hope can uplift you and there are some happy tracks. But when I’m creating music I make music that I feel, because I feel that once you believe in what you do, others will too. I’m trying to make good timeless music that will impact lives! I mainly rap but I wouldn’t limit myself to a genre I’m an artist.”

When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career in music and why?

“I started writing music during my time in prison. When I came out of prison and showed my friends and people around me what I did while inside, they really encouraged me to take music seriously. Now I’m here trying.”

What should we be expecting from you in 2018 Ramzo?

“I’ll be releasing more singles, definitely get some more visuals out and good content out there!”


TNEEK UK Christian Hip Hop

Waving the flag for the females in the rap scene is Tneek. She breaks any stigmas there is on female rappers with her raw hard-spitting delivery and fresh energy. This energy is also present in her live performances. Tneek is a unique artist who brings a different flavor to the scene which certainly makes her a candidate for this list. Her artistry developed through performing with her younger brother (Adam) at various concerts and local church events. She was featured on the “Clocking My Face” remix, which began to gain recognition and airplay on big platforms such as GRM Daily. This was leading her to the anticipated release of her own body of work, No Implants, No Facelifts, ‘NINF’. However, due to life-changing events, Tneek grew apart from ‘NINF’ and decided against releasing it as the content conflicted with her newly revived beliefs.

Since Tneek’s personal resurgence, she’s featured with established UK artists, including MOBO Award winner Lurine Cato. Tneek has recently completed her eclectic EP entitled R.I.C.H, setting the benchmark for her with profound lyricism, catchy hooks, and musical diversity. 

Tneek Interview

How would you describe your music?

“I would describe my music as energetic, in your face but uplifting! In terms of sound, a fusion of UK grime/rap beats with an American R&B influence.”

When did you decide to pursue music and why?

“I consciously decided I wanted to pursue music when I began to see how women in the rap scene were beginning to only promote sex and power. [It was] demoralizing young women who love rap music, and I wondered where the Lauryn Hill of this generation was. I wanted a change, or at least an alternative. Then I said to myself, if you want to see change, the change starts with YOU – and so I’m taking on that mission!”

What should we be expecting from you in 2018 Tneek?

“In 2018 you can expect new video releases.”

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Is there anyone in UK Christian Hip-Hop that we missed? Who’s your favorite on this list?