• Still Shadey

    Still Shadey – Warm Up Session music video

    Still Shadey expresses growth, pain, and transparency in this SBTV collaboration. A piece that has touched many, including a testimonial from a listener who said the freestyle kept her from suicide. Watch Still Shadey Below:
  • Christian rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [January 22 2021] (Listen Here)

    There was a bunch of single releases that dropped today. We have some of them here. Which one is your favorite? A.I. the Anomaly Deanne Walden ft. JPKilledIt Gerry Skrillz Legin Nic D. ft. Foggieraw Reece Lache ft. Adrion Butler Still Shadey ft. Jo Joey, Double S, & Melvillous tylerhateslife – type. ft. Nic D Stream/Buy this song here UZUHAN ...
  • Christian rap

    Christian Rap Song Drops [December 4 2020] (Listen Here)

    Here’s another big list of those who dropped in Christian rap today. Let us know which of these were your favorites in the comments. Rapzilla & Arrow – Deep End ft. Swaizy & Kurtis Hoppie Listen/Buy this song here A.I. the Anomaly Chris Soul DaShawn Shauntà Dillon Chase FLAME Guvna b & Madison Ryann Ward J.Crum, Seni., Jessica Crum Jodie ...
  • UK Christian rap

    Top 10 UK Christian Rap Songs (September 2020)

    This is Ben Larcombe, founder of MXRCY and curator of the Christian Rap UK playlist on Spotify. It’s a new month (check out August’s list if you haven’t already) and that means I’m back with another list of the freshest UK Christian Rap songs for you to enjoy. We’ve got loads of big names, including; Still Shadey, Triple O, Dee ...
  • Still Shadey

    Still Shadey – Excuse Me

    Still Shadey, breaks down barriers in forging his own lane in the UK Rap and Grime community, bringing us music for soul with a ‘spiritual’ essence. He dropped his new single “Excuse Me,” let us know what you think in the comment section. Listen to Still Shadey Below: Stream here.
  • Still Shadey

    Still Shadey – Look Inside

    What will you find if you look at the condition of your heart? In his music video, “Look Inside,” Still Shadey looks at his own heart. Watch Still Shadey Below: Stream the single here.
  • Still Shadey

    Still Shadey – Everything Changed

    Being born into a church home, yet raised around gang and drug culture, Still Shadey was quickly exposed to a life of pain, rebellion, rage and what he likes to sum up as “darkness.” The rapper found the “light in his shade” at age 20, after a frenzy of deaths and incarcerations of friends…God opened his eyes to “purpose.” It’s ...
  • Still Shadey UK Christian Hip Hop

    10 UK Christian Hip-Hop Artists to Look Out for in 2018

    Most of the Christian Hip-Hop you know and love originates out of the U.S. However, there is a growing scene of incredible artists across the pond in the UK. For those fans and for everyone else reading, we’ll be taking a look at 10 UK Christian Hip-Hop artists to look out for in 2018. This list is made up of ...