Put a feather in his hat and call him macaroni! King of the Dot has just released the latest battle from their UK event Chalked Out Vol 3 featuring A. Ward and the hometown hero Arkaic.

This was the last of Ward’s #FourSixty challenge, where he battled four different opponents in 60 days. The Four Horseman’s pen game showed no signs of fatigue.

From the jump A. Ward came out swinging, dominating the first round. Arkaic, whose rhyming style is as old as his name’s definition, tried to bring London Bridge down with a few punches that rocked the room. The third round was the one for all the tea and crumpets, where Ward tapped into his inner Austin Powers and got his groove back with the slight edge for the 2-1 win.

Hopefully, Ward’s next battle on KOTD will be either against Chilla or for the Chain, or against Chilla WITH the chain. Either way, both of these things need to happen.

Watch A. Ward below: