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What's up man? Feel free to get comfortable because I plan to hit you with some questions that's gonna require some brow sweatage and pore leakage. LOL. Naw seriously man, tell the people what you been up to over the last couple of years and why it's taken so long for you to drop Think It's A Game.

I've been perfecting my walk and my craft. Trying to position myself for the long haul with excellence. Think It’s a Game… It took me so long because of timing and other situations out of my control.  Some testing, some hardships.


 No doubt, well I think you got the anticipation built up to the brim, which is good. What can we look forward to peepin' on the record when it drops (production-wise, collabs, etc.)?
All together, the Think It’s a Game of 2005 is better than ever.  It is universal. I finally poured out my heart and got a mental and spiritual release from some of the past hurts.  As far as beats, I think its current, crazy, versatile, hot. From one track to the next all different styles. West coast, down south, east coast, contemporary, r&p the works! Very musical but tuff beats.


Are you doing all the production or do you have others contributing?
I produced the whole double disc.  I thought to have other producers, but my work habits kinda take over and I end up having too many beats to choose from.


Nice. Man you been on the grind, huh? How do you think you have progressed since the Tre-Z days?
The Tre-Z era was a time of learning, growing, and doing things grassroots. Although efforts are still grassroots, I have been through technical training and spiritual growth.  My efforts are much more polished and organized.  Tre-Z was a bootleg looking/sounding movement. God allowed me to gain respect and momentum but it was a raw time for me.
LOL, yeah bootlegs can be iffy, and difficult to watch. Too many distractions!! I recently read that you became the in-house producer for Life Records. How did that come about, and what can we expect to hear?
Yeah it was a blessing how it came about. My family and I was about to move back to Rochester, NY from Jersey City, NJ when Pastor Holder's assistant called me and said that Life Music wished to offer me a job as their in house producer.  So they relocated my recording studio and us to New Rochelle, NY. There are a few projects in the works.  It’s a blessing.
That's hot! So that means we can look for some Bang Theory Production on the next Corey Red and Precise Joint?
Yeah I'm doin’ something new for them in the future for sure.


Man I still gotta give you props for the production that you did on Holy Culture ("Start Somethin'"), to me it seem like your first giant step, with it being part of a video and all. Did you see a change in the respect that you got as a producer, not just an emcee that makes beats?
Yeah fo sho there was a certain respect that followed that effort. I love my CM comrads.  To be honest the producer respect really came in once people heard the quality of the ugc2 album.  They now respect the complete producer.  Beats and sound quality.
Are you planning to do any touring this summer with the release of the new record?
Yes sir.  I have a few plans in the works.  TBA

Any pasta dish and chicken breast

Movie: Incredibles

Sport: Tae kwon do
Why wow on the sport?
          I didn’t expect it; you know usual answers, basketball, football, etc. 
          NAH… I lost the love for those sports when I lost my childhood to work.

Rapper: T.R.U.T.H.

Producer: Dr. Dre

Country: USA

State: NY

Type of Music: Smooth jazz


Any last words?
Yeah, I know men in the ranks who stay in the ranks simply because they lack the ability to get things done.


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