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Review – Deepspace5 ‘Unique, Just Like Everyone Else’

Review – Deepspace5 ‘Unique, Just Like Everyone Else’

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In the eighties, “The A-Team” was one of the most watched shows on television. Popular since it debuted after Superbowl XVII, the show was based around four ex-Vietnam Veterans, fugitives from the law residing in the LA underground who sold their talents to help those in need. Each member had complementary skills – Hannibal devised plans and was a master of disguise, B.A was the muscle and mechanic, Face was the con man, and Murdock was the pilot – allowing the team to be complete and capable of achieving great things.

Hailing from hip hop’s underground, Deepspace5 emerges once again combining their skills to deliver, ‘Unique, Just Like Everyone Else’ , an album that will help those in need of quality hip hop music. With diverse talents and the ability to play into each other’s strengths, the crew has once again served up a monumental release with eighteen jaw-dropping gems. Though the bulk of production is handled by Dust (Mars ILL), entries from Beat Rabbi and Sivion add a nice range of styles and sounds to the tracks. ” They Say ” (Sivion) provides a nice mellow rhythm, a perfect backdrop for Sivion, Sintax and Listener to showcase their styles which break from the traditional rap tactics that radio displays. Other standout beats include ” Last Ditch Effort ” and ” Mechanical Advantage ,” but honestly, it’s near impossible to take issue with any piece of the soundtrack.

Whether it’s the neck-jerking bangers like ” One and the Same ” and ” Mechanical Advantage ” or the slower, more reflective tracks such as ” If I Don’t Make It ” and ” One For the Road ” or anywhere in between, the emcees cement each track in your memory with relentless verses that are impressive, thought-provoking and powerful. ” If I Don’t Make It ” particularly stands out as it’s an intense look at the emotions stirred up by death, but tracks like ” One for the Road ,” which talks about the rigors of touring, and ” Talk Music ” which calls for deeper and more authentic music on radio airwaves, reach out with solid messages as well.

The entire album is earmarked with deft production, mind-boggling verses and entertaining performances. Efforts such as Sintax’s when he works several titles of CS Lewis books into his verse (” Crumbs “), Fred B’s straight-laced tongue lashing on ” Last Ditch Effort ,” or ManChild’s double-speed verse on ” Half-Hearted ” would be showstoppers on any other album. However, Unique features so many of these moments that they become more of a standard than a standout verse. Thus, the album stands head and shoulders above the crowd.

All in all, ‘Unique, Just Like Everyone Else’ offers a glimpse of hip hop at it’s finest. It’s quite clear that all ten members gave their all to ensure that this release reached its full potential. With eighteen tracks on equal plains fighting for the right to be your favorite, the album is sure to satisfy heads everywhere. To quote the famous line from Hannibal Smith (of the A-Team) “I love it when a plan comes together.”

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1. Talk Music
2. Wingspan
3. Crumbs
4. Embrace
5. Mechanical Advantage
6. Truth Be Told
7. Half-Hearted
8. Free Checking
9. One and the Same
10. Cityscaping
11. If I Don’t Make It
12. Brilliant
13. Axe to Grind
14. Start Right Here
15. I Feel So Bad
16. The Last One
17. They Say
18. Last Ditch Effort
19. One for the Road


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