• Hector Dominguez

    Hector Dominguez – Dreamer’s Guild ft. N-Gel, Vee Santiago, and D.Lylez

    Hector Dominguez gathered with other Latino creators to create the somber record, “Dreamer’s Guild,” featuring N-Gel, Vee Santiago, and D.Lylez. “I wrote this song after having difficult conversations with my son,” Hector said. “I wasn’t ready as a parent to explain why the President of the United States was treating Latinos, Mexicans in particular, like a terrorist.  I had to ...
  • Hector Dominguez

    Hector Dominguez – My Girl ft. D Lylez

    Hector Dominguez released his latest single “My Girl,” featuring and co-produced (OzOnTheTrack) by D Lylez. “When I was dating my wife we used to go out a lot. Part of our routine was to play some music to get in in the mood to chill and have fun but as Christians clean, relevant music wasn’t always available to me.” Hector says. ...