Hector Dominguez gathered with other Latino creators to create the somber record, “Dreamer’s Guild,” featuring N-Gel, Vee Santiago, and D.Lylez.

“I wrote this song after having difficult conversations with my son,” Hector said. “I wasn’t ready as a parent to explain why the President of the United States was treating Latinos, Mexicans in particular, like a terrorist.  I had to explain to my son, who was six at the time, that basic human needs like food, shelter, protection, and schooling should not be withheld because of the color of your skin, what nationality you are or where your parents are from.”

“DREAMER’S GUILD” tackles the narrative that has been spreading that Latinos/Mexicans are guilty of being rapist, drug dealers, murders and bad people. The current political climate has demonized and demonstrated against the Latin community for too long. “All we want is the same thing everyone else wanted when they came here and that was a chance to survive. The only thing we are guilty of is dreaming for a better future for our children.” Hector said. “You can do what want but I won’t stop believing that every wall must come down! I’m guilty of dreaming! WE ARE THE DREAM!”

Listen to Hector Dominguez Below:

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