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Boonk Gang Saved? Benjamin Watson Tackles Abortion, & Best CHH of 2021 so Far | Top Christian Rap News

Welcome to our weekly episode of’s Top Christian Rap News Recap. We endeavor to grab the best stories from the previous week and give them to you every Tuesday.

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Top 10 Lists

I’m kicking the show off with a pair of lists we just dropped. First off, Luc DiMarzio put together a Top 10 List of his opinion on the best projects of 2021 so far. Some are obvious and some are under the radar. Check that out on the homepage of Rapzilla.
Next, Ed Boice put together a list of cliches rapped about in CHH. The list features everything from Bible gun bars to doing it all with no cosigns. Sure you did…check that out on the Rapzilla homepage.

Boonk Gang

Frederick Hicks dropped part with one of “The Living Testimony of John Gabbana” aka Boonk Gang. Boonk Gang was a viral content creator who was gaining fame for pranks and criminal mischief. That was until he got his jaw broke and then had a radical encounter with God. Part two depending on when you hear this drops tomorrow.

Benjamin Watson

Next up, I was fortunate enough to do an interview with ex-NFL star Benjamin Watson and his new film ‘Divided Hearts of America’. Watson and the movie conducted around 30 interviews with politicians, doctors, survivors, atheists, believers, and the like to have these tough discussions about abortion. The interview dives a little deeper into the conversation. Check that out on Rapzilla as well.

The Black Experience Playlist

Last month was Black History Month and before the month ended we dropped “The Black Experience Playlist” curated by some of our Black staff. They chose songs that spoke to them as members of the black community and we hope you can enjoy this playlist beyond the month of February. Shout out to Frederick Hicks, Richard Cutright, Kevan Banks, Robert Holloway, and Olusola Adenusi.

Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

Justin is the Editor-in-Chief of He has been a journalist for over a decade and has written or edited for Relevant, Christian Post, BREATHEcast, CCM, Broken Records Magazine, & more. He also likes to work with indie artists to develop their brands & marketing strategies. Catch him interviewing artists on Survival of the Artist Podcast.

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