We’ve all heard them. We’ve all repeated them. Most genres have reoccurring or trending lines and themes that become bland due to everyone adopting them into their speech and lyrics. CHH is no different, so here are 10 overused Christian Rap Cliches and Lines.

These choices are in no specific order. Also, the descriptions and choices are strictly my opinion and are subjective.

10. “All These Blessings On Me”

There are several ways rappers have shaped this line over the years. They seem to always appear on tracks that praise God for giving a rapper so much. Which isn’t bad, but rappers like to talk about their stuff. A little too much sometimes. These types of lines sometimes come off as boastful, which shouldn’t be something to striving for. Overall, keep that in mind when thinking about writing a line such as this.

9. “Ice on My Veins”

This type of line is also prevalent in mainstream Rap, and to be honest, it should have stayed there. Not only has this line flooded the lyrics of mumble and pop rappers, but it has also diluted the pens of Christian rappers. We get it, you think you succeed under pressure. Everyone is saying that though, so are you really good at that? Please be original.

8. Any Metaphor Comparing the Bible to a Gun

The Bible-gun metaphor has been used since the conception of Christian Rap, and I almost did not include the metaphor on this list because of that. There are a lot of amazing rappers such as T-Bone and Mr. Solo who blew our minds with bar after bar with this theme. While this theme still has prevalence today and can sound dope, not everyone who raps needs to be talking about turning their marked-up book they bought from LifeWay into an AK-47. Stay in your lane, use it when applicable.

7. No Cosigns

Saying you never needed or had cosigns is straight disrespectful. Rappers do not achieve numbers or greatness on their own. There are producers, engineers, promoters, and blogs that at one time or another rocked with or supported you. To say you did everything yourself is ignorant and selfish. Eliminate this from your lyrics.

6. Speaking Only the First Sound of a Swear Word

Let’s say that I am talking with someone, and I want to use the f-bomb as an exclamatory. However, me being the good Christian boy I am, I decide to only pronounce the “f.” That would come off as strange, wouldn’t it? The same goes for when rappers in their songs. Either say it or don’t. The English language is full of adjectives and adverbs. Use that to your advantage.

5. Comparing Yourself to Jordan or Lebron

Michael Jordan and Lebron James are the best in the history of basketball. With everyone comparing themselves to the best of the best, you’d think Jordan and Lebron are just average celebrities. Unless you are considered the best, the comparisons should not be used, and even if you are, it’s a bit boastful of you to say so.

4. “Devil On Me”

This type of line is admittedly catchy. Three simple words that get to the point of the issue. It’s overused, however, plain and simple. There’s not much more to say about it. Be more creative with how you describe Satan tempting or stalking you.

3. “I’ve Been Talking With God”

The line sounds dope at first, but then it loses its shine when everyone else raps it. Similar to the Jordan-Lebron comparisons, everyone can pray to God. The line is supposed to cause a sense of respect because it sounds like you are literally talking with God like Moses and Abraham did. But you aren’t (probably). So the more people say it, the more unreal to listeners the line becomes.

2.”If You Like It, Put A Ring On It”

Some rappers need to keep this line with Beyonce in 2009. This line is even more prevalent in Christian Rap than in the secular world because of our godly belief in the sanctity of marriage. There are so many different ways to say “you should marry that girl” however. The line is not bad, but some rappers can’t seem to let go of this specific line.

1. G-O-D

There’s a specific reason why KB rapped “God” this way in his song ” Sideways” featuring Lecrae: he was matching his acronym theme through that verse. Most rappers aren’t doing that. They just spout “G-O-D” because they think it sounds cool. While there is nothing wrong or incorrect about it, the use of it has gotten a bit out of handle. Be more purposeful in why you say God that way.

Those are 10 Christian Rap overused cliches and lines! Do you think these need to be in less songs? Are there ones that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!