Paul Hernandez had this to say about his new single “Runaway,” available for Free Download.

“Runaway” is about pushing through the boiling points of anxiety and not retreating. Taking the front lines of justice and not holding back, reopening our hearts to love again, not running away from God and even ourselves.⁣

This is an anthemic song that I want to become contagious. The pre-chorus goes – “I may get rundown, but I promise I won’t… Runaway” My life has been filled with constant instances of fight or flight situations, and I wanted to create a song that would serve as a constant reminder to never run away from the pressure, but rather lean into it, to grow. With everything that’s going on in our world, there has never been a better time to fight. I hope that when you listen to it, you would find the courage to press in even more.

Listen to Paul Hernandez Below:⁣