Rapper Andy Mineo did an interview with “The Today in Music” where he name-dropped his next full album’s title. He also offered insight into more music that’s coming.

“The new project is called Never Land 2: Almost There,” he said. “Never Land was a project I dropped a couple of years ago, and the song ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ from that project went gold. There was a lot of momentum around it and one of my fan favorite records, so I think I’m going to continue that story. And I think I’m going to do Never Land in three parts, so this is part 2 right now.”

He continued, “The whole concept for this record is, Never Land is this place we’re trying to journey to. I think if you know the story…getting old is the worst thing that can happen…Cause when you’re young, you’re carefree, you’re trusting, you say how you feel. There’s something we love about childlikeness.”

Mineo said part one was “You Can’t Stop Me,” he’s was excited about the beginning of his journey. Part two has been in the works for a year-and-a-half, and he’s been through a lot of changes. “It’s been a season of doubt. Doubt in God, doubt in self, doubt in relationships…that’s why it’s taken so long to make this record because I’ve been rediscovering who I am.”

***NOTE*** It’s unclear when this interview took place, but Andy did not mention I: The Arrow or II: The Sword. He did, however,  speak about the Magic & Bird project. It is possible that Never Land 2 became the latest EPs he put out. This doubt that he speaks of sounds very similar to themes on The Arrow. Also, a while back, we speculated that Never Land 2 was coming. Read that here.

We reached out to the label for clarity, but they were not sure. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Watch Andy Mineo Below: