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Piercing the Clouds: Andy Mineo’s Journey Through Self-Doubt

If there is one thing Andy Mineo has tried to do with his music, it is to keep it real. It’s also to hopefully impact others dealing with similar problems to him. His new EP, 1: The Arrow, is accomplishing just that, yet Mineo felt the need to explain why he released such a project and his plans for the future with a video he posted today on Reach Record’s YouTube channel.

It’s been a rough couple of years for Andy. Imposter syndrome is when a person doubts their accomplishments; feeling like they are just a fraud and don’t deserve their success. Mineo feels this way about his success like he has not done enough to get to where he is now. With his track “You Can’t Stop Me” reaching gold status two weeks ago, another doubt surfaced: has the best of Andy Mineo come and gone?

Inwardly, he has been in turmoil, wrestling with his beliefs. Andy goes pretty deep when it comes to his beliefs and who God is. His music shows us a glimpse of what he has been dealing with. The more he contemplated, the more complex and depressing his mental search became. This lead to him, “start from scratch,” let go of everything he knew about God and relearn. Luckily, Mineo has not strayed from God, but he is still looking for the answers to his personal questions. However, Mineo knows he won’t find all the answers. As he says in the video, “If you had all the answers, if everything was all good, then there would be no need for faith.”

For now, Andy will keep doing what he has been doing: making honest music for people to relate with. People don’t like describing their feelings when they are at a low point in life. It makes them feel weak and open to criticism from others. If Mineo can reach one person, have his music aid someone in their struggle, then his job as an artist is complete.

For some people, Andy included, depression stems from a lack of love for yourself. While looking around, other people seem to have great opinions and ideas, and you don’t think yours are not as important as theirs. You, however, are made in the image of God also and have equally important ideas. You can be yourself and not worry about whether others will accept your opinion or not.

This is where Andy got the idea for his song, “I Ain’t Done.” As long as you are still here on this Earth, you can make the change in your life and pursue your ideas, no matter what you are against.

Andy Mineo plans on dropping three Eps this year, each a chapter of a story. He will release an album to complete the story. 1: The Arrow, is the first of the Eps.

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