Broward County, Florida-based artist Victor Cornelius is set to release his new free project entitled Reptar.

“The self proclaimed “Ratchet Bohemian” has been making a few waves on the South Florida scene and has been very intentional about Reptar impacting the unchurched culture in his community. “Some of my homies are pastors and some of my homies are dope boys. I just wanted to make art that all can relate too” said Victor in a recent interview with a local underground station.” a press release stated.

Reptar will be available for free download exclusively on on March 20th.

1. Glory (Prod x The Frth)
2. Lake Nicotine (Prod x WindyGotHitz)
3. Snorlax Ft. Charles G (Prod x The Frth)
4. Tre One Ft. Denya (Prod x WindyGotHitz)
5. Pray (Prod x Jairtheshadow)