Listen to New Jersey born Australian emcee The BRB’s self-produced single “New Kinda Human,” which is the title track from his forthcoming album.

“The BRB uses the track to tackle life’s big questions, ‘What were you born to do? Do you impact eternity?’ … ‘New Kinda Human’ speaks of the journey of life.” a press release stated. “Possessing the power to press ‘in and on’ comes from finding a new found meaning to life,” says BRB. “My hope is that this song will bring people the inspiration to leave the old behind and live with a new passion and purpose.”

“BRB has seen his fair share of struggles: from jail time, to deep betrayal resulting in a near death experience, to a more recent pro-longed battle with cancer. Now in remission BRB is keen to use every opportunity, including his musical talent, to encourage others to press on and find meaning and purpose – especially in times of hardship.”

“Make the most of every moment,” he says. “What we choose to live now echoes through eternity.”

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