Many musicians, athletes, and public figures are speaking out about racism, injustice, and Black Lives Matter. Rapper Lecrae, who is perhaps Christian music’s biggest star, has been very vocal the last few weeks as he has taken to social media and various outlets to express his thoughts.

Most recently Lecrae stated that he would not just stick to the gospel. He felt that there are other messages he could share, and urged Christian fans to really think about race on his Instagram.

Lecrae’s words are below:

“Arguments only prove my point. I will never stop. Justice. Side note the #AllLivesMatter hashtag is like spitting in the face of black folk. It comes off as extremely selfish and unsympathetic to a mourning person. Not because all lives don’t matter. Of course they do. But it’s very clear that black lives don’t to many in this country. No one goes up to lung cancer patients and says “Folks with Breast cancer matter too!” #AllCancerPatients matter. That’s Insensitive. True faith stands up for the oppressed and the broken. Obviously many can’t see the systemic effects of racism and abused authority. Many can’t see that racism has stained this country because they are privileged to not see it. Also Christians saying that ” preaching the gospel is all we need” ignores how sin affects infrastructures and societal systems. They project blame on themselves when they see these kinds of posts. You assume my anger is at white people and not white supremacy. No there are many “woke” white folks out here. Allies and friends. But if you ever trusted in anything I’ve said, if you’ve used my words to stir your hope or joy, then trust that same voice now. This is an epidemic that school books or church services haven’t taught you.”

Lecrae is unashamed to speak what he feels God puts on his heart and embraces the platform he’s given.

“What I bring is unique. No one else brings to the table what I am,” he said in a Washington Post interview. “That’s how I look at myself – a clear voice in the middle of it all.”

The emcee also wrote an op-ed piece for Billboard Magazine where he broke down the key to understanding race issues.

“I want people to know that [racism] is bigger than just caring for your community. This is a moral issue across the board for humanity,” he wrote. “If you subscribe to any moral code that says you should care for humanity, obviously black people will fit into that category. So why would you not advocate for justice and truth unless you have something to lose?”

Lastly, Lecrae posted the following image on Instagram:

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The caption read: “A picture says a thousand words. These are precious and hard moments all in one. He’s watching it all unfold and has a million questions just like I did. Our realities our different. Me and my fathers realities are different. My father was forced to use “colored” water fountains and bathrooms and had no great educational options. I have a college education and yet still have to push back on systemic racism. What will the future hold for my son? Hopefully a more unified nation where peace and equality are the standard. We all know heaven holds what the earth groans for.”

What do you think of Lecrae? Would you rather him stick to rap and the gospel or do you feel his outspokenness will make a difference?