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Fadacy Music Recording Artist Applejaxx Reveals ‘N.E.R.D.’

Fadacy Music artist, Applejaxx announces the final installment of the Organic series: N.E.R.D. The N.E.R.D. project is set to release in 2013. The series began with Applejaxx’ sophomore album: Organic in March. Organic encouraged listeners to replace bad foods (sin) with organic foods(bread of life, living water). Applejaxx explains, “Sin is like processed, fast and junk foods. Which taste good but the the ingredients will destroy you. Organic foods are all natural without any additives.”Applejaxx elaborates, “Jesus is the key ingredient. Living fresh means we abide in Christ.”

Following Organic was the second episode, The Breakfast Club (EP) in July. The Breakfast Club continues the saga of Applejaxx’ desiring God so he can live the organic lifestyle. The Breakfast Club encouraged the listeners to begin their day with the bread of life and living water. In the second episode, Applejaxx takes you on a journey through his life, recognizing the need for morning devotion and fellowship with believers.

N.E.R.D. will conclude the Organic trilogy with an album + book. More information will be revealed soon.



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