Dynamic Twins - "Word 2 The Wize"

Flashback Friday: Dynamic Twins – Fantasy

Dynamic Twins
Word 2 The Wize
1991 Broken Records

Last week was decidedly east coast. I’m still wearing my furry parka as I type this. So in the words of your boy President Obama, it would only be “fair” to draw your attention back to the west coast.

Besides… not to be biased but, we all know that the west coast is the best coast. No contest. Plus… we started getting way too close to the 2000s. Even worse, I’m not ready to consider the 2000s “old school” just yet.

So let us turn back to the beginning of the same decade we’ve been hanging out in. Don’t worry, like House of Pain we’ll jump around to different decades as we meet here every Friday. We’ve got the rest of our lives to do this, so no need to hurry.

The Dynamic Twins started off in a group called “J.C. & The Boyz”, with many other fellas that we’ll be discussing in the future. If you like your eggs Easter, consider yourself warned. It’s time to make an omelet!

Now turn your attention to two similar looking tall men as they rape and pillage Zapp like so many of their secular counterparts did during this era.

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Written by Timothy J. Trudeau

Timothy J. Trudeau began his professional journey in the music business in 1997. Since then, he’s produced for GRAMMY-awarded artists, designed Stellar-nominated artwork, ran a label with Dove-nominated artists, and started a distribution company with clients who’ve won all three.

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