Gallery Drive (comprised of NomiS, Ruslan (of theBREAX), Afaar, and Insufficient Funds) are releasing a full length album (along with a free ‘Super Group of Tomorrow’ mixtape with Shortop) as a collective for the first time. ‘Scratching the Surface’ is the title of the debut album.

The Super Group of Tomorrow mixtape will be available for free Sunday 2/14 (Valentines Day) and hosted by popular hip hop blogger Kevin Nottingham.

Scratching the Surface album will be available in hard copies by Tuesday February 23rd. Those who pre-order the album will get the advance digital copy by Monday February 15th.

These six emcee’s say they have been compared to secular super group, Slaughterhouse, except the Gallery crew are all founded in a strong relationship with God. The group neither embraces or rejects the comparison. “We make dope songs and we love God…not in that order,” says Ruslan. Scratching the Surface gives you the song/video “Psycho” (produced by JKeys w/live drums by Tony Royster Jr.) as its lead single. Gallery Drive promises a very diverse and fresh sound out of the combination of artists. The album features production from S1 of Strange Fruit Project, King Karnov, JKeys, Diaz & more.