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    Ruslan ‘From Then Til Now’

    DOWNLOAD LINK Tracklist: 1. Please Pronounce My Name Right prod. by DJ Rek 2. Music that I Make Now prod. by Tha Kracken! 3. Reintrodution feat. prod. by Vataga and Nathan Soultrain 4. I’ma Christian feat. prod. by Jah Rockin’ and Mr. Noise 5. Bigger Than Rap prod. by Jimmy Natural 6. Ain’t Ready Domesticated Fathers feat. prod. by DJ ...
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    Gallery Drive Mixtape & Album On The Way

    Gallery Drive (comprised of NomiS, Ruslan (of theBREAX), Afaar, and Insufficient Funds) are releasing a full length album (along with a free 'Super Group of Tomorrow' mixtape with Shortop) as a collective for the first time. 'Scratching the Surface' is the title of the debut album.

    The Super Group of Tomorrow mixtape ...