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    7 Christian Hip Hop Albums that turn 30 in 2019

    Christian Hip Hop was starting to appear just a few years after hip hop was even created. The first known artist was Pete McSweet. However, the guy who took the mantle was a DJ and drummer named Stephen Wiley who would introduce the world to “Bible Break.” Wiley carried that mantle for a few years as others such as P.I.D., ...
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    Danny ‘D-Boy’ Rodriguez: The Story of Christian Hip-Hop’s 1st Martyr

    The date was October 6th, 1990. A gunshot wound and the subsequent car crash took the life of Christian rapper Danny D-Boy Rodriguez. On that day, he became the first martyr of CHH. Much like Jesus, the same streets he roamed saving souls, also became the same streets that took his life. Danny’s family which includes fellow artist M.C. GeGee ...
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    Stephen Wiley – Bible Break (Throwback Thursday)

    Today's Throwback Thursday takes us all the way back to the mid-80s when Stephen Wiley was THE guy in Christian hip-hop. As one of the Godfather's and pioneers of Christian rap, his album Bible Break was the first full-album and distributed record in the genre.
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    Curating Hip Hop Promoting Christ

    Hip Hop with a specific focus on promoting Christ likely started not too long after Hip Hop did, however the first commercially released album in this fashion was Stephen Wiley's 1985 album 'Bible Break.' Now, 25 years later there is a viable niche carved out in the music industry. The niche has been called by several ...
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    All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards 2008 recap


    Christian rap’s mostly unknown trailblazers and historical landmarks were celebrated on June 21 in Houston, Texas.  

    Although members of the hip hop culture have been spreading the Gospel through their music and art for over two decades, many of its newer members remain ignorant of their own past. As a result, ...

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    It’s All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards Weekend!

    In 2008, the event formerly known as the Texas Holy Hip Hop Achievement Awards will be billed as the All Eyes On Me Achievement Awards. And instead of a strictly state-wide scope, this year's festivities will now encompass and honor artists from all across the United States who have and continue to blaze trails within inspirational hip ...