• streaming

    Streaming Killed the Superstar (Op-Ed)

    The music industry has always been lucrative but has shifted more rapidly than ever in the past decade. Marketing has always been at the core of any business, but for the music industry, the product has drastically changed. Saying music alone is a marketable product ignores the data behind fan bases and audience engagement. Conversely, saying an artist’s image and ...
  • Tim Trudeau

    Tim Trudeau Talks 90s CHH, Booking Tours, & Starting a Successful Music Business

    Tim Trudeau is the founder of Syntax Records & Creative, a former touring producer & DJ with Sackcloth Fashion, business mogul, Grammy-nominated, and an all-around good guy. Last week, he was on the latest episode of the Survival of the Artist Podcast where he spoke about his experiences in Christian hip-hop and awards shows. He also spoke about touring, booking ...
  • Spotify Playlists

    6 Ways Independent Artists Can Get on Spotify Playlists

    How do you listen to music? Most likely, your response will be indicative of the majority of music consumers – streaming on Spotify or Apple Music rather than digital downloads. With that being said, if you are an artist, you are now searching for different ways to get your music on Spotify playlists. No matter the music technology, gaining a ...
  • 15

    10 Top Tips For Contacting Music Websites

    Music websites and magazines receive ridiculous amounts of emails from bands looking to get journalists to write about their band! Therefore, if you are unable to afford big money bribes, then you need to follow these simple guidelines for contacting music websites to improve your chances of being featured.