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    Hell’s Paradise II: The Mask Parade

    On July 5, 2011 Wit & Dre Murray will unveil the follow up to their project, Hell's Paradise. This time around the duo has decided to do things a little differently. Instead of dropping a traditional, album-length Hell's Paradise project, they have decided to release a new project each month until 2012.
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    Rapzilla.com’s 11 Freshmen of 2011

    We'll be announcing our picks for our freshmen of 2011 each day over the next 11 days. These freshmen are who we suggest you to look out for in 2011. The main qualifier that Rapzilla staff utilized was that the artists couldn't have more than one official release. If an artist has had two official albums ...
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    New Lecrae Album to drop October 2010

    No more updates. See u near the end of finishing of my new album. Pray 4 me. Releases this fall. 116 on tour this fall ...

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    Flynn Adam New EP ‘Bang the Drums’

    Flynn Adam will be dropping new music very soon, an EP entitled 'Bang the Drums' releasing 5/25/10.
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    Sho Baraka, Jimmy Needham, J.R., and Trip Lee Prepare For Tour

    Get ready for an incredible summer! Two tours are coming your way so find out a date near you and bring some friends. We will post all the info on tickets, locations, etc once those are nailed down.

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    Syntax Records dropping Free Mixtapes

    Syntax Records dropping free mixtapes, download them now: MaxOne “Multi-Tasking” Download Jeremiah Bonds “Customer Development” Download What do you think of them?
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    Rob Hodge is Back with New Mixtapes

    Rob Hodge returns with 2 New Mixtapes "Feels Good To Be Home" Dropping September 15th 2009 Hosted by DJ Sean Blu and "Breaking Point" Dropping November 24th Hosted by The World Famous P-Cutta. Both mixtapes will be Free Downloads. Listen to a couple leaks.
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    Humble T.I.P. finally hits iTunes

    Humble T.I.P.'s debut album "Our Turn" is finally available on Humble Tip - Our Turn. Also get ready for his upcoming album "About Business" dropping September 2009. Watch the promo video below:
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    Hazakim to drop “Theophanies” – Teaser

    “Theophanies”, Hazakim’s sophomore album will be dropping June 23rd on Lamp Mode Recordings.
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    Kaboose is Phenominal

    New Syntax Short! It’s episode of a 3 part docu-drama describing the new album “Excuse Me” by Kaboose dropping 10/14/08!