It’s been a blast for me to share these Christian rap lists of lesser-known artists each month. Hip-hop is soothing and therapeutic for me, so hearing it from new artists constantly unlocks new perspectives and emotions for me. I hope it does the same for you!

Still Shadey
A super versatile and captivating artist from the UK, he dabbles in Grime and introspective vibes on his newest album. I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. Still Shadey Spotify

Joseph Muniz
I feel like this is an artist who is still tinkering a bit with his sound, while I still believe he hits more than he misses. I still remember his track “Goat” from a couple of years ago, and this tune below is probably a better trajectory for him. Jospeh Muniz Spotify

judo sammy
Judo sammy is from Georgia, but has a more modern sound to his music rather than the classic southern sound that comes from that region. He’s got a good dose of melodies and head-bobbing beats. Judo sammy Spotify

Alan JB 
He’s got a little bit of a Chance sound to him. I like the vibes throughout his music, and his honesty when it comes to his faith. I also appreciate when an artist goes simpler with the artwork, which allows me to click and listen without any preconceptions. Alan JB Spotify

Pastor Charles A.R.
This is a Pastor with a lot of bars. Feels like he’d fit in with Datin and Menace Movement. Really intrigued to see where his God-given talent takes him. Pastor Charles A.R. Spotify

Which Christian Rap artist should I feature next month?