Home Music KobbySalm Bridges Gap of Different Sounds with New Album ‘ITMOC’

KobbySalm Bridges Gap of Different Sounds with New Album ‘ITMOC’

KobbySalm Bridges Gap of Different Sounds with New Album ‘ITMOC’

Making his debut into the Ghanaian music industry a few years ago after he got converted, Ghanaian music artist KobbySalm has not dropped the ball with his consistent hit releases.

In Ghana, Kobbysalm has made much difference with his music as he keeps getting attention from various parts.

Since his debut in the music scene, he has amassed over 1 million YouTube views with his songs getting heavy rotation on radio and television stations. This is one of the reasons why a lot of his fans have anticipated the release of his debut project since it was announced.

A few weeks ago, KobbySalm released his much-expected project In the Midst of Comfort (ITMOC) with heavy collaborations alongside international acts including the Grammy-nominated rapper Canton Jones.

In the Midst of Comfort begins with the solemn “Intro” track that talks about him yearning for things money can’t buy like peace and happiness. This is a deep track as the feature with Owura and Awurabena brings perfection to the song.

In “Choose You,” KobbySalm pledges allegiance to following his creator who’ll still be there for him regardless of all his trying times. “Obiara Nse Wo” is a fire track, as he spits bars in his native language and also switches to English to praise the Most High.

“Pray” featuring U.S. Grammy-nominated artist Canton Jones and UG mass choir is one of the hardest tracks on the album with great production. It is a song that shows the effect of prayer as Christians have the power to do so much just as it is in the Bible. Canton Jones blended so well and did justice to the beat.

The fifth track “Gye Yen So” marks the start of the afrobeat tempo tracks on the album with Edem Evangelist adding flavor to “Your Presence is Heaven” the song which follows.

On “Nobody” and Makyele Mana, KobbySalm gives it all to God for bringing him this far despite the down talks.

“Sambele” is one of the best tracks on ITMOC. Nigerian singer Nkay brought in dope rhythm on the song. It is definitely one that will put you in your dancing feet. “Personal Love” confesses his love for Christ.

Have you ever been facing some sort of problem? What about encountering a problem in a phase of your life that proves life to be very hard? Then “Today Today” is your jam. Kobby prophesies on the track as he believes all chains are broken, the song still sounds fresh despite him releasing it as a single months ago.

The “Hymnal Skit” puts the album in a worship mode which was followed through by “Satisfy” featuring EmPraise Inc.

“Favour Got Me Here” expresses thanks to God for his favor as we cannot boast of our power. This is surely going to be a big worship song in churches.

Are you feeling lost in certain times and thinking you’re going astray in the Lord’s way? Then listen to “Show Me Your Way,” the song which is like a worship song borrows elements of rock music as Kobby spits tight bars.

You can always make it no matter what you’re facing, that is what Kobby Salm preaches on “Shine Again.”

“Grateful” sounds like it was recorded live, that’s why you can hear all parts of the musical instruments that are being played. I can’t help but nod my head while listening to it. One needs to give kudos to Eric Jeshrun for the great hook on the song.

On “Goddey” our God never disappoints even in times of trouble, he’s always there for us to do all we ask.

When joy is in your heart, nothing can stop it, this is how KobbySalm and Dave Da MusicBox felt while making this song. It has a lot of energy that will make you dance.

The last track on the album is “Odo Mmroso,” a worship song giving all glory to God for everything he has done. It is the perfect song for the end of a project like this as He’s the only one who can give comfort when you need it most.

ITMOC is a great album serving all genres of music and KobbySalm has succeeded in doing that. It is an album you can pick many song favorites from as they are all above average. We hope it connects to you well.

Listen toKobbySalm and the album here.


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