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KJ-52 and Poetics Set to Drop Joint Album with KJ’s Book

CHH veteran KJ-52 and 2019 Rapzilla Freshman producer Poetics teamed up to create the project What Happened Was… The project is tied to the book KJ has been promoting a Kickstarter for.

KJ-52 Poetics


1. Beastmode ft. Xay Hill
2. Go For It ft. Jodie Jermaine & Mitch Darrell
3. Big Enough ft. Xay Hill
4. Have a Good Day ft. V. Rose
5. Flex ft. Dre Murray
6. Depression Nap ft. Dru Bex
7. Gimme That Chicken
8. Jim and Pam

Listen to KJ-52’s and Poetics’ Single “Big Enough”:

Stream the album on Apple Music and Spotify.

Edward Boice
Edward Boice
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