“Hate The Shell” is the 2nd single off the Soul In The Shell LP by YP aka Young Paul. This project was released in late 2018 and is produced by WanderBeats.

“‘Hate The Shell’ is a short story about a man who lost it all and was willing to do anything to get it back. To the point of contemplating murder for the desire of money. This is a reality, especially in our poverty-stricken communities. Where robbing, and murdering for money is actually an option,” he wrote. “The trap Don played by Edwin De La Cruz is an old friend of Lamar who was tired of the daily struggles of life. Lamar fought the temptation of going to these lengths for money but that door was always left open for him to get his hands dirty for the love of money.”

“YP is playing the conscious of both men. Describing both of their thought process in rap form. This is also a double entendre of what’s happening in the spirit realm. With Ed (Trap Don) being Satan enticing a mans already wicked deceitful heart to go to any extent to fulfill the void of money and material things. Some will say this song should have been longer. And maybe end it with the man finding God. But sometimes that isn’t the outcome. Men will fall victim to their vanity. Some will end by death and others in prison. This is a sad reality of the world we live in.”

Watch YP aka Young Paul Below: