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OnBeatMusic’s Production Takes Him to Remy Martin Producer Series Final Round

The name OnBeatMusic is synonymous with quality. The RMG producer may be known for premo beats in the Christian hip-hop world. This isn’t the case outside of that realm…until possibly now.

OB entered in the Remy Martin Producers Series 5. The contest selects 28 producers from 8 cities across the nation to battle against each other in 4’s in their city. Out of 1000s that entered they selected the final 4 Houston, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Miami, Detroit, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

(Photo by Marco Torres/@MarcoFromHouston)

OB repped for Houston in front of local legends Paul Wall and Slim Thug as well as DJ Envy, DJ Mustard, and Tobi Nwigwe. Nwigwe, a 2018 Rapzilla Freshmen, was a special judge.

“It was a tough crowd but my beats were really hitting,” said OB. “I played ‘Astronaut‘ (Derek Minor song) and the whole crowd got lit. I’ve seen people in the Christian hip-hop realm really love that song and to see people in the club, in the world go nuts.”

DJ Mustard, Big Sean’s manager, and another judge all gave it a 10.

“I was the only one that got 10s the whole night. I went through 3 rounds and won all 3. It was all done by the audience and judges. I ended up winning.”

(Photo by Marco Torres/@MarcoFromHouston)

At the end, DJ Envy came and gave OnBeatMusic the trophy. The surprised producer started freaking out. When he was handed the microphone to talk, he shared his testimony. All the people started cheering and a few told him they were crying.
Since OB won, he will be heading over to Los Angeles in October to battle against the other 7 winners. The overall winner will make a track with Big Sean and DJ Mustard. Also, according to judges, the other 7 finalists from last went home with artists they’d be working with as a result of the networking. It’s a win-win situation.

In the event that OB doesn’t win, one such connection was made with Paul Wall. “He was super hype. ‘I want to work with you’. He gave me his number and posted me on his Instagram story. He was talking to my sister and telling her to take a picture of me and him.”

Stay tuned for more on OnBeatMusic’s quest for the top producer. Also, check out his dope collaboration project with Eric Heron that dropped on August 31st, Duos.

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Justin Sarachik

Written by Justin Sarachik

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