In our next segment of Fast 5 Fridays with have rapper, photographer, and mother a.i. She breaks down her new track “Mommas,” and what motherhood means to her.

1. What is the general message behind this song?

My desire is to edify and uplift mothers. I wanted to create a song that captured the grind of motherhood. To encourage mothers to stay ‘Fokus’d’ as they go through this journey as a mother. Keeping God at the forefront is key! Also, personally I’m capturing the force behind me… God and my team, my league, my family (Husband and my children). My family has my back. My family is my foundation.

2. How did you get inspired to create it?

Watching mothers of all backgrounds from day to day It’s artistic! The sacrifices we make, the worry, the frustration, the grind, the love, care, commitment, the essence of a mother…. this is inspiring!

3. Who produced the song and how’d the production come about?

Lucky find…. stumbled across this production online. The producer’s name is Syndrome. I was in search of something that allowed us mother’s to rock to! I feel like I can study, clean, cook, work, drive, whatever to this one!

4. Is this track part of an overall project or a standalone single? What can we expect this song to be the start of?

This song is the start of an ongoing project called The Art of Motherhood. As a photographer, I am always looking for stories to capture. The art of Motherhood is one of those stories. I am looking to capture the stories of mother’s through photography and film. From mother’s who have one child too many, mothers who are fostering children, adoptive mothers, incarcerated mothers, homeless, widowed mothers who have lost their child(ren), grandmothers who are raising their grandchildren, and the list goes on.
My goal is to create an ongoing series of these stories to present to the world through Social Media (hopefully beyond). My desire is that their stories will encourage other mothers, allow others to see the beauty and how artistic this journey of motherhood can be.Here’s a link to an example of a motherhood story that I captured. This is what I’d like to continue to capture:

5. Why should people listen to this song or your music in general?

For encouragement. To a mother, this is a reminder to keep pushing. As a mother, there are days that we want to give up but when we look into our children’s eyes we should be encouraged to keep pushing. Personally, my source of strength is God. He is my foundation and without Him I am nothing. I am the mother that I am because I’ve trusted Him in this beautiful artistic journey.

Listen to a.i Below:

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