Right out of the gate, Cory Ard’s debut project The Blackout, hit no. 8 on the Christian/Gospel iTunes charts. Cory was formerly Amasiah of City Lights, but is now creating on his own.

The Blackout Tracklist:

  1. Be Him
  2. Levels
  3. Now You Know So
  4. Good Fight ft. Steven Malcolm and Jae Mitch
  5. Give My All
  6. Hope ft. Ryann Darling
  7. No Pain No Gain
  8. 12:11
  9. Story ft. Raging Moses and No Malice
  10. Roller Coaster ft. Evan Ford
  11. Blackout
  12. War Games (No Days Offs) ft. Jae Mitch

Cory Ard

Ard also created a music video for the track “Be Him.”

Watch Cory Ard Below:

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