Overflow Rap League

Overflow Rap League Pits Christians Against Each Other in Battles

The Overflow Rap League is trying to flip the game. Having Christians in battle rap has always been an issue for many believers. From the days of 3PFD, Isaac Knox, Heir Jordan and Mr. Biscuit (aka Bridge B) earlier on in the decade, to the Four Horsemen who are wrecking shop across today’s battle rap scene, many believers look upon the topic with a sour disposition.

Due to the prideful and boastful nature of the sport of battling, many struggle with seeing how God can be glorified in an environment where the ridiculing and belittling people is the main goal. How can this be used for ministry if it tears people down more than it builds people up? But what if we took it a step further? Can Christians each face off against one another in the same way and still honor Christ?

Watch the Overflow Rap League Below:

Overflow Rap League is a Christian battle league out of Connecticut, building a platform around Christian battle rappers that they hope will overflow into the Christian Rap Industry. Their most recent event, Iron Sharpens Iron, was hosted by Th3 Saga, who has shown much love to the new league. Owners Lee Majors and Voice The Poet, who are battlers themselves, know the stigma and disapproval they may face as they grow as a brand.

Overflow Rap League

“We know most will question two Christians battling each other, so have we. However, when your playing on the same team, regardless of the sport, you play against your teammates to strengthen each other to be better. From basketball to the UFC, you will see people competitively training and sparring with each other in preparation for whatever may lie ahead,” says Voice.

He continued, “The nature of our league is to glorify God, make sure we present our battles in excellence, keep the competition high while maintaining the authenticity of battle rap. We are building up an army of Christians to use this Overflow as practice to infiltrate the battle rap industry and change the stigma and culture of Battle Rap. The sharpening starts before the battle and WE WILL be sharpened Through Gods word!”

Their next event, Iron Sharpens Iron 2, will be hosted by Loso on July 28th in Hamden, CT. Th3 Saga will also be hitting the stage as well.

Overflow is currently looking for battlers for future events. For more information contact overflowministriesllc@gmail.com


Written by Richard Cutright

Richard Cutright is a full-time motivational speaker, part time battle rapper and serves as a member of the CHH Ginyu Force, better known as the JustHis League.

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