Jordan and Pippen. Bubba Ray and Devon. Toejam and Earl. Peanut Butter and Jelly. Incredible by themselves, but together? Well, that’s a whole new level of awesome. That’s exactly what we got when Mr. Nerd Bars and the Imaginary Gun Bar King activated their wonder twin powers as Gun Bibles to enter into two new frontiers simultaneously: battling against female opponents in a two on two battle.

The match, which took place this past April, was a part of the Chival War event which saw the top emcees from BullPen Battle League face off against the best from the all-female league Queen of The Ring. Their opponents, Phara Funeral and Shooney Da Rapper, two ladies who are known for wrecking shop in QOTR. As the only two on two battle on the entire card and the first for all rappers included, there were a lot of questions that were floating around heading into the battle. Would Loso rapid fire style mesh together with Hymns and his octo entendres? How would they stand against two female counterparts coming at them with their…counterparts? Would Street Hymns have to battle blindfolded? It was all a mystery until the footage dropped.

So how was the battle? BANOODLES! It was like watching Goku and Vegeta fuse into Vegito to take on Majin Buu, but with less screaming and powering up. Although it was both teams first two on two battle, Loso and Hymns had more natural chemistry than anyone could have thought. From the first bar, Gun Bibles had the room shaking, each bar showcasing how the emcees were able to adapt to the others style with no problems. The ladies were far from pushovers, strategically targeting Street with sexually charged lyricism and inappropriate gestures to try to take him off his game. Hymns, who must have been renewing his mind after every round, had to literally hit that 2 Timothy 2:22 a few times during the match up.

After a very highly energetic battle, Gun Bibles walked away with the 2-1 (debatable 3-0) victory over the team Phara and Shoney. The ladies put up a fight that would have made Xena proud but were no match for the energy, performance and writing ability of Loso and Street Hymns. Don’t be surprised if you see Loso and Street booked for more 2 on 2’s in the future. The only downside of seeing such an awesome battle is that I want to see more! Who else would love to see A. Ward and Th3 Saga do a two on two battle for Double Impact 3!! Somebody tell Norbes and Smack to hit my jack!!!