J. Rhodan released his six-track EP, Each Sold Separately today on Illect Recordings.

J. Rhodan has already had a busy 2017 as he’s released the “Honey” single and the Sorry It’s A Tape beat-tape.

This soulful project features several special guests including Armond WakeUp, Taelor Gray, Sean C. Johnson, Shiwan, DJ Because, and more.

Track list

1. One Size Fits All (feat. Shiwan)
2. Hidden Fee$ (feat. Jav Mendez & DJ Because)
3. Honey (feat. Taelor Gray & Sean C. Johnson)
4. Nor (feat. Jordan Nitchoff & Roz Welch)
5. Deadstock
6. The Casino II (feat. Fro Wundas, Armond WakeUp & Martyr Thompson)

All production by J. Rhodan. Cover art by Shungu.