Christian hip-hop artist Dee-1 is now embarking on the Sallie Mae Knowledge for College Tour where he’ll speak to students on planning and paying for college. He is also partnering with Sallie Mae to help lead students to scholarships and grants or money.

On his website, he offers three knowledge for college tips with bulleted points: Why go to college?, How to pay for college?, and Why having a college degree is important? Get more information here.

He goes into a bit more detail in this trailer video below:

His page also directs to the Sallie Mae website where you can find over five million scholarships and free money sources to help send people to college.

Dee-1 also recently connected with PricewaterhouseCoppers (PwC) to further push the envelope on helping students with college.

“When we finally connected, I was like: ‘Wait, you have a desire to educate people about financial literacy, specifically minorities. I have that same desire. Can we do this together?’ We can, and now we’re doing it,” Dee-1 said to the Washington Post.

To read more about what Dee-1 is doing with PwC, click here.

Listen to “Sallie Mae Back” Below: