KRUM, the artist formerly known as Playdough, dropped his first project under the new monicker today, Bare Knuckle Gospel.

The entire project was put together by Rob Viktum, who took old school southern gospel samples and created that “bare knuckle” style for KRUM to flow.

And before you get bent out of shape about the Parental Advisory label on the record, KRUM has it there to mean something else. He responded with this tweet when asked about it:

For the more sensitive eared listener, there is no objectionable language on the record, just raw and unfiltered hip-hop, much like the gospel.

“I want to personally say thank you to everyone for all the excitement you shown for my new music. You’ve been so supportive through all the growing pains on my end that I wanted the first official Krum release to be FREE,” KRUM wrote in a press release. “I know some of you want to support financially and that’s why you’re Gs, but this one is on me.”

You can listen to and download the project here.

Watch the new music video for “Suitcases and Passports’ below: