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Dee-1 Makes Anthem for ESPN’s New Website

Dee-1 Makes Anthem for ESPN’s New Website

On May 17, ESPN will launch its new website The Undefeated, which calls itself “the premier platform for exploring the intersections of race, sports, and culture.”

ESPN’s countdown to its launch included a music video titled “We Are The Undefeated,” and the voice of the track is New Orleans-based artist Dee-1.


“We thought Dee would be perfect to introduce The Undefeated because number one, the brother can straight-up rap. He’s extremely talented on the mic. …And an insightful social critic with a deep appreciation for black history,” ESPN senior writer Jesse Washington said, according to a press release. “I had been following his music since ’50 Weezy and Jay’, and once we met, it was clear he was the perfect artist to create an Undefeated anthem.

“Dee and I had a few conversations about The Undefeated — where the name came from and how we will explore the intersections of race, sports and culture. Our motto is ‘Not Conventional. Never Boring,’ so we talked about how to make the piece unique. Dee just absorbed everything, came back with the lyrics and nailed it out the gate.”


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