T.R.U.C.E., the New York City-based hip-hop ministry of Nicky Cruz Outreach in which Andy Mineo and Alex Medina once served, was dissolved — until a drug overdose epidemic in Marion, Ohio moved pastor David Ham to bring it back.

In a 12-day span which began on May 20, 2015, a batch of heroine laced with fentanyl had hospitalized 30 overdose victims and killed two more in Marion, The Associated Press reported.

Nicky Cruz Outreach responded by organizing a “Hope In Marion” outreach effort and included T.R.U.C.E. in its plans.

In August, Angie Rose and five other artists flew to Ohio and performed 25 shows in two weeks.

Rose told Rapzilla in an interview that the mission trip heavily impacted her, reaffirming her commitment to make music to change lives.

“The route that I was already starting to take before the trip was just being more intentional about conveying a message versus like, ‘Let’s just get on a track and spit dope metaphors,'” the Bronx-based artist said. “God was really convicting me about making sure that I say something when I say something, not just getting on a track and spitting.

“I think being out there just reminded me of the urgency. There’s no time to just be playing games. I want to make good music, but to me, good music also comes with good content and a message that can change the way people think, so I think [the mission trip] reminded me how messed up things are and how much the world needs Jesus.”

Watch her full interview about the trip below.