Humble Beast Records put out a press release on Friday to announce that it will no longer use American Apparel for its merchandise due to the clothing label’s “sexual exploitation of women.”

“When we started selling merchandise, we decided to use American Apparel (AA) for their high-quality product and ethical sourcing,” Humble Beast said. “From the get-go, we at Humble Beast were uncomfortable with the sexual exploitation of women that AA was known for. As time progressed, our consciences gnawed at us, and we realized that this might be an issue of conviction. After a process of prayer and thoughtful consideration, we decided that it was best to discontinue our relationship with AA.

“This decision does not necessarily reflect the thoughts of the individual artists of Humble Beast, nor do we legalistically condemn the purchase of AA. We shall not add a burden that the Gospel does not command. We do, however, believe that it is a matter of wisdom and therefore cannot continue the use of American Apparel in good conscience.”

Humble Beast will now use Bella+Canvas, a fashion company based in Los Angeles, for its merchandise.