*Produced by JGramm

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Welcome to the jungle, soon as your born you got to fight.
Welcome to the jungle, were fighting for our lives.
Welcome to the jungle baby, Welcome to the jungle babe.
Welcome to the Jungle baby, baby, baby.

Verse 1:
Bright lights, clubs and stars so much glamour they don’t know who they are. Must be nice what a life. In a city of vanity no one look for Christ. Night life, party on, popping bottles they don’t know who they are. Bands make her dance on that boulevard, do it for that money make it easy never working hard. Two words Las Vegas get paid get famous nice clothes nice whips wannabes with model chicks. Two words sin city, lustful women no pity street bums liquor stores, is this what we living for? my city my life grateful I found Christ my streets, my news, seems like there ain’t nothing new it’s my time take em out the streets and put them back in school.

Never giving up the hope will come when you believe it’s true. X2


Verse 2:
Ayo, you struggling on ya block tryna make it out but that murder crime might just take you out. You see the hood ain’t the place where they tryna be but honestly the hood places where it got to be. The rich say the poor is plight the poor say the rich uptight, treat them like they valuable and watch them all start taking flight. Criminals ain’t acting right jail cells packed at night, living like there’s nothing left the streets just Tryna get respect. It’s your city rise up when you falling stand up. Bring them something positive and let them keep their dreams up. There’s more hope, more life, more truth, more fight, more than just a hood let em see there’s something good. In the city that’s a jungle the people are away for freedom. They treating them like animals but no one wanna feed em and nobody tryna be em. Acting like we don’t need them.

In the end we all need one let the father’s will be done in your city. x2