In theaters now: The Grace Card ft. Sho Baraka & music by Tony Stone

‘The Grace Card’ is a new faith-based film showcasing people in unvarnished challenges, confronting what they believe against the hard places in life. How far does forgiveness go? That question beats at the heart of ‘The Grace Card’. The movie has Sho Baraka acting in it as well as music by Tony Stone.

‘The Grace Card’ assembled a talented crew of Hollywood professionals and dedicated local volunteers. Producer and writer Howard Klausner, a Hollywood veteran, is well known for his script of the Clint Eastwood-directed hit ‘Space Cowboys’. Producer John Saunders’ two decades of industry experience includes ‘Walk the Line’ and ‘Leatherheads’. John Nasraway, also producing, has a string of credits working with Oscar-winning directors on top-grossing films such as ‘Master and Commander’ and ‘Terminator 3’.

The movie is out in theaters today.

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Written by Rapzilla

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