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Dwayne Tryumf featured on Microsoft’s Windows 7 promotion

Dwayne Tryumf has received the most downloads on the Windows 7 music promotion ‘Playlist 7‘ and is now a featured artist on the site.

As a result the song will be included in a Playlist 7 that will be available to all fans, friends and followers of Microsoft Windows on Myspace, Facebook and Twitter.

Microsoft Windows will be promoting the song, and after this week, the song will go into the Download Library for an additional seven weeks.

Dwayne Tryumf is said to be very happy with the result and says this was a perfect set up for his upcoming album 777 (Mark of the Peace) due out this coming March 12.

To the fans who helped him promote the song and win the featured spot, Tryumf will be sending out an unreleased exclusive song from a side project ‘776 (The Calm Before The storm)’ which is a collection of songs that were not selected to be on 777. This project will be available to the public shortly after the 777 release.



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