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Sho Baraka New Single Tells The World “We Can Be More”


Sho Baraka New Single Tells The World “We Can Be More”

ATLANTA – Bursting on the hip-hop scene with a myriad of awesome beats, thought-provoking introspective lyrics and poignant messages is Sho Baraka of Reach Records. This conscious lyricist has just released his awe inspiring single entitled “We Can Be More” featuring balladeer J.R. This track is deeper than what first meets the ear. It conveys the message that love goes beyond the contemporary view of lust and selfishness. Sho takes you on a lyrical journey down the path of love, which we all have traveled. In this song Sho exposes how love is abused, misunderstood and sometimes even ignored and encourages listeners to seek authentic love. “We Can Be More” Sho Baraka clarion call, steps up to the plate and challenges men to rise, to accept and respect true love.

From his earliest childhood days in Southern California, son of NFL star Reggie Lewis, Sho Baraka dreamt of being a famous actor or writer, but now that he has matured he has added the category of wanting to help and change lives to that dream. What better way to change lives and help people than through music, the universal medium of the world? Sho’s distinctive style of music and lyrical content has been influenced by artists such as Lauren Hill, Mos Def, Common, John Mayer and Kayne West to name a few. He is a hip-hop artist who is trying to communicate life principles and truths.

Ben Washer, co-founder and CEO of Reach Records says “Sho Baraka is a trailblazer for our label. Creatively, he is continually raising the bar and through his music seeks to communicate a different perspective on mainstream culture. “We Can Be More” from his forthcoming album Lions & Liars is a prime example of this.”

Sho Baraka is truly using the gifts bestowed upon him to try and help change lives. Listen to his insightful lyrics and the succinct steady driving beat on the upcoming Lions & Liars album to be released 3/30/2010. You will come away renewed, reinvigorated and better prepared to meet life and its inevitable challenges.

Reach Records, which recently relocated to Atlanta, is an independent hip-hop label with a stable of artist that include, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tedashi, DJ Official and Sho Baraka. The label is dedicated to producing and promoting substantive hip-hop artists.


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