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THA GIM Drops Free Brand New EP

Tha GIM (The God In Me, pronounced; the Jim) has released his new EP “Eternal Sonshine” which is free via thagim.com and myspace.com/thagim/. “This EP isn’t a traditional release, I’m trying something new in an effort to expose more people to the message in my heart and my brand of music, as well as build on support and awareness. So while financial support is encouraged for this album, it’s important to me that people be blessed by it and support in other ways, like forwarding it along, if they don’t have the financial means. My hope is that it spreads throughout the fans, street youth and church youth without a thought“, says Tha GIM.

Production is mainly supplied by fellow California producer and familiar collaborator “Centric” (“Freedom Song”), while the projects lead single “Game Over” is handled by new comer “K.P”. Some other note worthy tracks are “Get Rich!”, which addresses spritual riches verses worldly riches, the heartfelt “Home Coming”, a song about heaven in dedication to Tha GIM’s recently passed mother, and the bass pulsing, lyrically driven “Higher”.

Tha GIM’s 2008 nationwide release “This Iz My Life” (Threatt Muzik/ Infinity) is also available at THA GIM - This Iz My Life

1. Tha G.I.M. (the God In Me)
2. Game Over
3. All That I Am
4. Get Rich
5. Higher
6. Home Coming



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