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Coffee Banner

Coffee Banner

What is the coffee banner?

Affordable banner advertising for only $5/day for hard working artists with low or no promotional budgets and at the same time an opportunity to buy us a cup of coffee (where the banner name comes from) while we work hard promoting Christian Hip Hop.

Where is it located?

On the left side under the menu on ALL pages, great visible location!

Is it really $5?

Yes and you can do it as long as you want, unlimited days. Drinking coffee is a daily thing.

What’s the catch?

We just love coffee. There is one awesome catch, the banner must link to iTunes. So you will easily get your money back just by selling 5 songs or 1 album. With over 2000 eye balls seeing your banner in one day you have nothing to lose.

Do banners rotate?

5 total. But you can purchase all spots if you want the exclusive for the day. It’s flexible.

How can I order?

Send the total for the amount of days running with paypal.com at paypal@rapzilla.com. E-mail the same address with your banner image (size: 185×100), iTunes product (single, album, artist,…) and your start date.

What if I just want to buy you Coffee?

We’ll thank you and we want to promote you with a coffee banner. Go for it!


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